Virtual Fitting Room Software , Virtual Dressing Mirror

Future of retail technology

SenseMi has the most sophisticated mirrors for Fashions stores, a revolutionary technology that would change the way people shop. SenseMi’s Virtual Fitting Room mirrors offer the smartest way to try on products and can exponentially increase the capacity of fashion stores to handle customers are at any given instance.

Fashion items and fabrics from various brands can be loaded in the SenseMi Virtual Dressing Room Software and can be virtually tried on by the customers. The long queues outside trial rooms would be a thing of the past, in fashion stores with SenseMi Virtual Fitting Room app.

The fabrics and products incurring damage with repeated trials is avoided and the products remain relatively unused and in pristine condition. Customers can use SenseMi to shortlist the products that they really need to try on and also try on products that may be unavailable or are out-of-stock at a particular store.

Virtual Clothes Model

Physics & Gravity

Clothing Effects

This Effect provides a physics-based solution for the simulation of fabrics and works in conjunction with the Skinned Mesh Renderer.

Sense Magic Mirror Features

  1. SenseMi magic mirrors are plug-and-play solutions with a full HD display which has touch screen capabilities and equipped with Kinect cameras.
  2. The mirror is enabled with 360 Degree base movement to adjust the mirror for every height.
  3. External USB Device can be used to load new products, update firmware etc.
  4. Various garments and accessories for women and men can be loaded into the mirror and virtually tried.
  5. Multiple virtual clothes model can be tried on at the same time
  6. The 3D body mapping on SenseMi mirrors make possible trying on clothes and accessories in 360 degrees, which is one of the specialties of SenseMi mirrors.
  7. SenseMi has an intelligent system which requires minimal calibration.
  8. Customization Tools available on SenseMi makes tailor-made solutions easily possible.
  9. 3D models of different fabrics can be easily made with Maya software.
  10. SenseMi mirrors are designed with intuitive gesture controlled user interface.
  11. Face Recognition capabilities help recognizing users and to save and display purchase/try-on history.
  12. The mirror is linked to Inventory system.
  13. There are provisions with the mirror to show promotions, advertisements etc.
  14. Promotional coupons can be used by the customers, in case of availability of such.
  15. The mirror is enabled with Cloud database technology, Web Based emote Management software.
  16. SenseMi mirrors come with social sharing tools and real time cloth physics increasing customer engagement, resulting in better sales.
  17. Real time statistics can be displayed on the mirror.