Smart Touch Screen Table

SenseMi smart tables are multi-touch, interactive and intelligent tables that can be customized to be used in hotels, schools, restaurants, hospitals etc. The SenseMi state-of-the-art software can provide specific functionalities based on the intended use and industry; making for a highly versatile gadget.


  1. SenseMi has bespoke smart table solutions which can be customized according to industry and needs.
  2. The base of all tailor made solutions is a set of standard features which are aided by a responsive, fully touch screen display.
  3. The smart table can be used for presenting medical diagnosis, presenting architectural designs, in restaurants for menu options, for guests to self-check-in in hotels etc.
  4. SenseMi Smart Table can support simultaneous multi-touch. Objects and images can be rotated, zoomed, adjusted as per the need of the hour.
  5. The smart table comes with High-quality display which is scratch resistant and free of shadows and glares.
  6. Customized solutions can be easily setup and smart tables are highly mobile, being able to be moved as per the need.
  7. SenseMi smart table features built-in Wi-Fi