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Beauty and clothing suggestions

SenseMi home mirror is your best friend, stylist, fashion consultant and your personal assistant. SenseMi can remember what you had worn and when, can tell you what it is like outside and what should be worn. Control your home, handle you reminders with ease and be reminded of traffic in your usual routes with SenseMi’s solutions. Look after your loved ones with the Fall Detection capabilities of SenseMi.


  1. Enjoy the Virtual Closet feature, scan your closet and carry it with you wherever you go. The Virtual Fitting Room helps you with Virtual Try-Ons using 3D Body Mapping; mix and match to your satisfaction. Let the Virtual Closet give you suggestions based on occasion, weather conditions etc. and keep track of the dates and events you had certain looks on. Virtual Closet can automatically recognize the user and show her/his dashboard accordingly.
  2. Use the built-in virtual makeover functionality and try your hair color changes or your favorite celebrity hairstyle. Play with eye makeup, eye-shadows, and lipsticks; create the best makeup from your favorite brands.
  3. Home Automation allows you to control your lights, HVAC, appliances security system and much more. Fall detection feature can help prevent or mitigate life threatening injuries and is a key component of SenseMi solutions.
  4. Personal Assistant is always ready with your Schedule reminders, Real time traffic, Weather updates, Social Media and Online Shopping.
  5. Camera Privacy: The advanced technology of SenseMi addresses your privacy concerns as well; the camera can be deactivated whenever required.
  6. Rear Camera: No need to get another mirror to see your rear view, SenseMi can easily show you from behind while dressing using wireless camera.
  7. Take Selfies: Take awesome Selfies easily with SenseMi.
  8. Video Chat: Video chat with your friends, right on your mirror and share your looks.
  9. Notifications: Get your email and social media notifications on the mirror.
  10. Mobile App: Get your wardrobe information on your mobile app and set your schedules wherever on your smart phone.